Myth No. 11: Karfan is Important

Karfan and I bow in apology to the twenty-something readers and commentators that have been taking from their precious time to check on our useless rant-blog. We were not in prison, we were not arrested; rather we were living a false self-importance state of mind!

Two months ago, it became obvious that King Lion the 2nd and his entourage grew weary of people barking at them from all sides. Being completely hopeless towards the big strong harmful dogs barking from the safe heaven of outside, they decided to start beating the dogs that they can beat: the tiny little harmless poodles inside the country. So they started a charitable campaign of filling some empty cells with people who dared to speak out loud demanding reforms and democracy. Some of the names they took are famous or became famous after the rides, like the Atassi seven and their snow-white princess. Some were never mentioned in media and they were known by word of mouth only. Some were released and some were not. So Karfan and I, being lawful disciples of chicken-citizenship conditioning, decided to keep a low profile for a while.

After taking a month and a half vacation from this virtual ranting duty, we realized that there is really nothing for us to fear from. We were fooling our selves by thinking that we are actually so important that a security service apparatus would waist their brilliant informants time to track us down. They would rather let them play card, which would still be doing something more useful to their regime than arresting us.

Karfan is very different from those who have been and are being arrested. Those people are demanding Reform, Democracy, Election, and all sort of big words that three-quarter of Syrian population don't have a blody idea what the hell they mean. But read again this whole long useless ranting essays we posted here: Can you spot any were where Karfan asked for Democracy, demanded Reform, or solicited Free election? No. In fact, that is exactly why Karfan has never been imprisoned all those years despite his never ending bitching and swearing. He does not consist a danger on the regime or the society because he is not asking a thing from them. If anything, the only thing that Karfan might have thought of as a vision for this country was that every male over forty years old to drop dead suddenly of a heart attack.

King Lion the 2nd recently wasted our time on the great recent Baath conference. That time might as well have been time wasted on watching a soccer game between Djibouti and Uganda, it really would have not made any much difference for most Syrians. Before that conference a friend of Karfan whose friend's father was one of the 1300 fortunate clappers-chanters who attended that conference asked Karfan what does he wanted so that he would tell his friend's father to convey to the conference. Karfan said he just wanted one tiny little thing from that conference.
The guy laughed and said: I know, I know: like everyone else, Democracy.
Karfan: Demo-what? no
Guy: Then Anti-corruption measures?
Karfan: No, no, please don't bring my name with anything with Anti- in it. I belong to the Naam (Yes) Generation, we don't know the ward "Anti".
Guy: what is that one thing that you need this very decisive and important conference to deliver then?
Karfan: I want my thirty-seven years back.

Among all the cries, demands and the pressure for so big things as Open-Market, Democracy, Free-Election and National-conciliation and... and... and... to the end of the list of the sophisticated words, I reckon we should not be harassed or imprisoned for asking for that tiny little thing.